24 Sep

Sod which is also referred to as turf is grass whose soil beneath is held together by its roots or a different piece of thin material. People use sod to establish different things such as lawns, sports stadiums or golf courses. Other reasons why people would prefer using sod is to help in preventing soil erosion, preventing flooding by enhancing water drainage and also to increase cooling.

As one seeks to purchase pallets of sod there are important aspects that one needs to consider. One of the things to check on is the maturity of the grass. Some characteristics of checking on the quality of grass would be the color of the grass which is supposed to be consistent. They should all have the same shade of green which confirms that they are healthy and mature grass. The appearance of the roots could also help in checking the quality whereby it is advised by sword whose roots are tangled and tied up together.

Another thing to be keen on is the consistency of soil beneath the sod. One should ensure that the soil is not too much nor too little. It should be moderate to help in its survival by not preventing the roots from coming out or the roots finding not having enough soil to be supported to establish fully. Get more information here: soddepotoftampabay.com 

Another consideration is the time taken between sod harvesting and its installation.  From the time it is harvested it should not take too long before it is replanted, which is usually approximated to be a. duration of around 8 hours. This is key to prevent it from losing a lot of moisture which increases its chances of thriving well.

It is also important to analyze the specific place you will be replanting the sod. One aspect is to ensure the variety of sod you settle for is able to thrive well in the prevailing environmental conditions of that place. The specific location should also be well prepared by carrying out some activities such as removing any existing grass, weeds and conditioning the soil. This gives it a surface that is stay for it driving.

It is also important to know that majority of the companies selling sod do not offer warranties or guarantees to any sod sold out. This is because once it is harvested, the sod status is fully dependent on how the buyer will handle it. Therefore the sellers do their best to give the clients quality sod expecting they will maintain the standards required. Read here for more info.

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